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Embracing Authenticity

…Or as some people would say “keepin’ it real“ Here at lastphoto.KC, we are all about capturing the real you in boudoir photography—scars, stretch marks, and all the quirks that make you uniquely you. One of our sayings from the beginning has been… “Here at lastphoto.kc, we believe in loving ourselves. Every jiggle and wiggle, […]


Elevate Your Boudoir Experience with These Luxurious Bonuses!

Are you ready to take your boudoir experience to the next level? At lastphoto.KC, we believe that every session should be an unforgettable journey of self-love and empowerment. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer a variety of luxurious bonuses that will enhance your session and leave you feeling like the goddess you truly are. How […]


Image: Girl laying in black tulle robe while looking at camera Text: 50+ Unique Boudoir Session Ideas for YOU!

50+ Unique Boudoir Session Ideas for YOU!

I have brainstormed OVER 50 ideas for you to consider for your session, including some inspiration images we’ve shot too!