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5 Tips to find YOUR Boudoir Photographer

Find someone with work that you connect with. Could you see yourself in their portfolio? Or does their portfolio not have anyone who looks like you in it? Being able to see yourself in their portfolio is important, because if there isn’t anyone but models in their portfolio – that may show that they don’t […]


3 Tips for Surviving + Thriving During Your First Boudoir Session

So you’ve taken the leap. You’ve booked yourself a boudoir session. Now what? The nerves kick in. Trust me, we all get them! Just like you, nearly every woman who has entered our studio has felt awkward, nervous, self-conscious, etc. There is no need to feel this way… trust in yourself! You chose this photographer […]


Kansas City's Best Boudoir Photographer

Photo Ready Makeup

Our in-house makeup artist will help you create whichever fun and flirty style you decide for your session; but for now, here are the basics as to what goes into photo ready makeup! See below what Lauren has written for you! “When I started out in the industry as a model, I was comfortable doing […]