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3 Tips for Surviving + Thriving During Your First Boudoir Session

So you’ve taken the leap. You’ve booked yourself a boudoir session. Now what? The nerves kick in. Trust me, we all get them! Just like you, nearly every woman who has entered our studio has felt awkward, nervous, self-conscious, etc. There is no need to feel this way… trust in yourself! You chose this photographer […]


July 20, 2021

Photo Ready Makeup

Our in-house makeup artist will help you create whichever fun and flirty style you decide for your session; but for now, here are the basics as to what goes into photo ready makeup! See below what Lauren has written for you! “When I started out in the industry as a model, I was comfortable doing […]


May 18, 2021

Boudoir Session Outfits

Struggling on what to wear for your boudoir session? NO WORRIES, I GOT YOU COVERED! I absolutely love walking into Victoria’s Secret and finding some killer lingerie… and then I look at the price tag! Yikes! While they do have high quality items that are very much worth the price tag and last a long […]


February 5, 2021